Third Grade Art

Third Grade students receive art instruction once a week for 60



Art engagements we explored this year include:

     Painting - Sunflower Painting

                 - Patterned Farmland (Heather Galler)

     Drawing - Shape Oil Pastel Landscape (Paul Klee)

     Collage - Robot Mixed Media

                - Complementary Color Hot Air Balloons

     Weaving - Woven Yarn Cups

     Clay - Ceramic Wall Pockets

     Wycinanki - Polish Paper Cutting

     Sculpture - Paper Bag Houses



Students will build upon previous art knowledge and personal experiences combined with new techniques to advance their skills.


Art vocabulary for Grade 3:

    Drawing/painting:          Printmaking:

        Composition                    Printing plate

         Abstraction                     Ink

         Perspective                     Brayer


     Weaving:                      Ceramics:

         Warp                             Score

         Weft                              Slip

         Loom                             Glaze



Classroom volunteers are always welcome!