First Grade Art

First Grade students receive art instruction once a week for 60



Art engagements we explored this year include:

     Painting - Abstract Alphabet (Stuart Davis)

                 - Tempera Heart Painting

                 - Winter Landscape (Grandma Moses)

     Drawing - Observational Corn Drawing

                 - Joan Miro inspired Drawing

                 - Cave animal drawings

     Weaving - Paper Houses Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh)

     Clay - Ceramic Mixed Media Birds

     Relief Sculptures - Paper Masks


Students will build upon previous art knowledge and personal experiences combined with new techniques to advance their skills.


Cross curricular connections include reading Caldecott books, math (symmetry) and science (mixing colors, glaze).


Art vocabulary for Grade 1:

     Line                         Weaving

     Horizontal                 Loom

     Pattern                     Color Wheel

     Foreground               Primary Colors

     Background               Secondary Colors

     Sculpture                  Warm Colors

     Clay                          Cool Colors

     Collage                      Texture


Classroom volunteers are always welcome!