Fourth Grade Art

Fourth Grade students receive art instruction once a week for 60



Art engagements we explored this year include:

     Painting - Tempera Flowers (Georgia O'Keeffe)

                  - Watercolor Story Quilt (Faith Ringgold)

     Drawing - Observational Feather Drawings

     Sewing - Pop Art Soft Sculpture Emoji's

     Design - Folded Paper 

                - Notan Design 

     Weaving - Pop Up Paper Weavings

     Clay - Ceramic Architecture Tiles (Frank Lloyd Wright)

     Sculpture - Plaster Bowls (Casting Technique)


Students will build upon previous art knowledge and personal experiences combined with new techniques to advance their skills.


Cross curricular connections include Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Clay Architecture Tiles, Georgia O'Keeffe Tempera Paintings and Observational Feather Drawings. 


Art vocabulary for Grade 4:

    Drawing/painting:          Printmaking:

        Composition                    Printing plate

         Abstraction                     Ink

         Perspective                     Brayer


     Weaving:                      Ceramics:

         Warp                             Score

         Weft                              Slip

         Loom                             Glaze



Classroom volunteers are always welcome!