Second Grade Art

Second Grade students receive art instruction once a week for 60



Art engagements we explored this year include:

     Painting - Ming Blue and White Vase Collage

                 - Vincent Van Gogh Model Magic Sunflowers

     Drawing - Pop Art Animal (Romero Britto)

     Collage - Gustav Klimt Sleeping Portrait

     Weaving - Paper "Bug in a Rug"

     Clay - Ceramic Sunflower Bowls

     Sculptures - Mixed Media Pet Sculptures

                     - Louise Nevelson Wood Sculptures

                     - Paper Parks (Henry Moore)


Students will build upon previous art knowledge and personal experiences combined with new techniques to advance their skills.


Art vocabulary for Grade 2:

     Line                         Weaving

     Horizontal                 Loom

     Pattern                     Color Wheel

     Foreground               Primary Colors

     Background               Secondary Colors

     Sculpture                  Warm Colors

     Clay                          Cool Colors

     Collage                      Texture


Classroom volunteers are always welcome!